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New Mattress Collection by Lady Americana : The Splendorous

Recently, Lady Americana Splendorous Collection has just been released.

As you may have known, Lady Americana is a premium mattress brand that have produced many luxurious and five star hotel-standard mattresses. It is said that Lady Americana’s mattress is the world smartest mattress. And how is that so?

When it come to wellbeing, rejuvenation, and comfort, Lady Americana mattresses pride themselves on being able to make a flawless sleep experience. Every single thing about the mattress production is through world’s premium selection, like materials, technology, and fabric selection. Each of them will invite you to pamper and luxuriate yourself. Lady Americana claimed that we should choose the finest we can get for we’ll spend the most indulging one-third of our life sleeping.

Truer words never been spoken.

Lady Americana Splendorous Collection

In this line, Lady Americana Splendorous Collection has five models.

They are Luxury Lines, Splendorous Lines, Signature Lines, Optispine Lines, and Special Lines.

Luxury Lines, is of course the most sumptuous smart mattress in the market. The quality is claimed magical. When you lie down in this mattress, you will instantly feel the fineness fabric that draws you to the best rest. The shape will conform firmly to your body.

Luxury Lines were made from 100% Natural Sono-Core Latex, delivering nothing but the best of sleep experience. The 3D knitted fabric combined with finest material, delicate care, and precision will help your body relax and unwind after a long day.

Next, there is Splendorous Lines. This mattress offers personal luxurious sleeping experience combined with aesthetic design for elegant look. What makes it even better is, this mattress was made for optimal backbone support. The cushioning will make your body fully relaxed in every sleep. It is also enhanced with the softness and warmth.

For Signature Lines, you can be sure that you will be fully pampered once you lie down on Lady Americana Splendorous Collection Signature Lines. Its smotth 3D premium knitted fabric combine with classy UltraCel will give you a restful sleep with pleasure sensation. It has toss-and-turn system, soft cloud foam, Visco i-gel, and ArcWave foam. For the spring, it uses Everflex Trivium spring combined with airflow system.

For Optispine Lines, we can assume from its name that the mattress was made to essentially care for your spine. This is equipped with state of the art Visco. The wonderful material will redefine its shape fast once it is pressed with your body as you lie down on it, thanks to Visco Elastic Memory Foam. And it will contour to follow the shape of your body. This will support your back spine perfectly as well as enhance pleasure sensation.

Last, Special Lines. This mattress will also give you the sleep experience you never had before. Because, this is equipped with latex light combined and UltraCel with contour cutting for the enhancement layer. Those will ensure you to have a better sleep. And for the comfort layer, this mattress has DuraPad combined with contour cutting.

So with all the innovation and technology all combined in a mattress, let’s have the best sleeping experience with Lady Americana Splendorous Collection.

Lady Americana Carefree
Lady Americana Splendorous Collection

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