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  • Heirloom

    The Heirloom  is Lady Americana’s most sumptuous smart mattress to date ;

    its quality is bordering on magical, and the sleep that comes with it is without equal. Lie down on it and instantly feel how its fine fabric draws you in to the realm of rest, while its shape conforms readily yet firmly to your body.  

    • Feel


    • Mattress Height.

      51 cm

    • Fabric & Comfort Enhancer

      Jacquard Silk Fabric.

      Airflow Mesh Fabric.

      Bijou Camel Hair.

      Hyperior Horse Hair.

      Merino Wool.

    • Comfort Layers


      Latex Reshape.

      Visco i-Gel.

      100% Sono-Core Natural Latex.

      ArcWave Foam.


    • Support System

      Mini Everflex Trivium Spring on 7-Zoned Everflex Trivium Spring with Encasement.

      7-Zoned Contoured Trivium Spring with Encase & Airflow System.

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